Are Streaming “Partnerships” In Your Brand’s Best Interest?

As we begin reemerging from our Zoom virtual backgrounds and makeshift home offices, large television streaming platforms like YouTube TV, Disney+ and HBO Max have been focusing their attention on adding paid advertising to their streaming platforms. With regular television programming on the decline a wide variety of streaming platforms are looking to grow pay-to-play partnership advertising under the guise of “partnerships.” As new advertising opportunities on streaming platforms become available it’s important to determine whether these pay-to-play models are the best investment for your brand.

What is a Streaming “Partnership?”

A partnership on streaming platforms generally refers to paid advertising opportunities that feature your brand during commercial breaks. The advertisement placements usually fall between 10-60 seconds in duration and pop up on a user’s screen during an episode or movie.

The Supply and Demand of Streaming Services

Streaming services continue to revolutionize the way consumers access their favorite television shows and movies. Competition from other streaming services has pushed companies to keep subscription costs down by supplementing with what is essentially pay to play advertising. While this type of advertising may get your brand in front of audiences the price of entry will remain high and the rates may not fit your budget, or prove to be the most effective way to reach your audience.

With the expense of advertising and no shortage of competition in the space there must be another solution, right? Exactly. True Partnerships are a way for companies to get in front of audiences they want to reach without breaking the bank.

How Can Partnerships Make a Difference?

Partnerships allow your company to work with another brand in order to reach a new and desirable audiences. In many cases brand partnerships can have little to no cost of entry. Using organic assets like social media, email and in-store space, you can offer real value for brands you partner with. Eliminating the high costs associated with pay to play models of advertising allows your brand to save money while still reaching your target audience and desired KPIs.

How to Get Started

First and foremost, you must determine what your brand is willing to offer to another partner. If you find yourself wondering if pay to play models are the most effective route, it may be time to consider brand partnerships as an alternative. Regatta has been in business for over 20 years and handles brand partnerships with a process proven to be successful in attracting the right partners for your brand. As BrandAgents, we act as an advocate for your brand’s goals and objectives and find partners to meet your needs. Learn more about our services by visiting our website at Regatta or Contact us.