is a Partnership?

N: An association. Two or more parties working toward a common goal.
But what is a common goal and do these parties even like each other?
Are they partners simply because they share a common audience? Or are they working toward something mutually beneficial?

Typical Partnerships Work

Too often, the term is used loosely to describe initiatives that brands are paying for, directly or indirectly. Many of these so called “partnerships” are simply the byproduct of some other paid media initiative. As a result, programs are often not strategic or even in the original brand’s best interest.

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We Do

At Regatta, we believe brands should CREATE partnerships, not simply accept them. Partnerships should be created BY DESIGN and provide MORE than what was paid for.

Effective partnerships require a specialist – a BrandAgent.

we Work

Everybody knows what a Talent Agent is. Someone who monetizes their client’s talent assets:
• Their voice, throwing arm, writing, acting, etc.

A BrandAgent monetizes their client’s brand assets:
• Their customer base, media, website, social presence, store space, etc.

Regatta’s BrandAgents help clients plan, pitch, and manage partnerships that don’t leave money on the table.

Having a Regatta BrandAgent in your corner is the optimal way to develop marketing partnerships and maximize marketing ROI.

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We Are

Regatta was founded over 20 years ago by Sam Kaufman, a talent agent who represented well known musicians like Ray Charles. He recognized how his skillset could benefit consumer brands and the increasing need to develop strategic partnerships.

Based in New York City, Regatta maintains relationships with top brand marketers across a diverse spectrum of categories including auto, fashion, wellness, tech, travel, entertainment and more.

Regatta’s executive team consists of integrated marketing specialists from public relations, advertising, media, and entertainment. Regatta understands partnership marketing and how to negotiate efficient and high-quality alliances, always with an eye toward generating revenue, maximizing exposure and increasing value.

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