3 Reasons Why Your Brand Partnerships (Probably) Suck

Let’s face it. Your brand partnerships probably suck. I’d like to blame this on infamous YouTuber Logan Paul even though it’s not his fault. However, based on recent behavior, he is the catalyst for this post.

A (Wo)Man With A Plan

“A man with a plan” is an old but relevant saying. Why? Because everyone needs a plan, especially in partnership marketing. Without it, you’re navigating through choppy waters without a life preserver and you risk being hurled overboard to drown.

Tips to Avoid the Retail Slump: Rethinking Marketing Partnerships

In the last few months, it seems that more retailers than ever are declaring bankruptcy and shutting stores. In the first three months of 2017, nine national retailers filed for bankruptcy – the total number for ALL of 2016.

Super Sunday Approaches: Defining the Real Value of a Partnership

​Here's to my first blog entry -- and it's not because of a resolution! It’s a decision to share what I have learned in 20+ years as an expert in partnership marketing.