How Marketing Partnerships Are Enabling URLs to be IRL

AdWeek recently published an article about several e-tailers that created pop up stores to extend their brand to beyond just online. Everyone, even exclusively digital properties, can benefit from venturing out into the real world so that consumers can create a deeper brand emotional connection.

3 Ways Marketing Partnerships Can Enhance Your Narrative Content

The days of fast talking, quick hustling and high-pressure marketing tactics are long gone. Today's consumers are savvy, more informed and digitally connected. As a brand, you're not just selling a product or service anymore. What you're offering is an experience.

How to Reach Millennials & Younger Gens… With Or Without Tide-Sized Ad Budgets

Last month was the notoriously flashy marketing industry event, Cannes Lions. Brands and agencies from around the world convened on the coastline of France to sip Rosé, entertain on yachts (or private beaches) and listen to musings from Facebook, Apple, American Express, Diesel and creatives such as Queen Latifah, Thandie Newton and Conan O’Brien.

Marketing to Women With Brand Partnerships

2018 has been declared the year of the woman. She’s fighting back against stereotypes and decades of harassment. The result is that she’s become stronger than ever. A smarter and wiser consumer. Women are no longer accepting the status quo of being marketed as sex objects. In fact recently, I read that Victoria’s Secret is even rethinking how it portrays women in the era of #MeToo after reporting dismal sales these last few quarters.

Story Is The Story

A few weeks ago, Macy’s bought Story. If your reaction was the same as mine (and I live in NY), it doesn’t surprise me. WHAT is Story? And WHY is it important enough for Macy’s, a massive department store chain, to purchase it? When I dug into this a bit more, it made complete sense and represents a positive direction for the brand.

Bye-Bye Big Ticket Sponsorships

Recently, Gillette decided to can its MLB sponsorship…. And I don’t mean the type of can that holds shaving cream. This announcement says so long to a 100-year sponsorship – one of the oldest in the league. Is this a sign of more things to come?

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Partnerships (Probably) Suck

Let’s face it. Your brand partnerships probably suck. I’d like to blame this on infamous YouTuber Logan Paul even though it’s not his fault. However, based on recent behavior, he is the catalyst for this post.

A (Wo)Man With A Plan

“A man with a plan” is an old but relevant saying. Why? Because everyone needs a plan, especially in partnership marketing. Without it, you’re navigating through choppy waters without a life preserver and you risk being hurled overboard to drown.