Are Streaming “Partnerships” In Your Brand’s Best Interest?

While emerging streaming platforms have become an alternate way to put your brand in front of television audiences, marketing partnerships remain a way for brands to get in front of the audiences they want to reach without breaking the bank.

Tips For Preparing Your Brand for Partnership

Entering the partnership marketing space can seem overwhelming at first. Regatta has identified 5 key questions to consider internally before beginning your brand partnership journey.

The Importance of Passion Driven Marketing

Building partnerships that hit the right note with the likes of Amazon and Sonos. Finding where two passionate audiences intersect and offering them both something special. This sweet spot is where loyalty lives.

Live Streaming From Van Gelder Studio

As livestream performances become the new normal, Regatta’s founder/CEO has been one of the producers for an exciting new series at this legendary studio where Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Ray Charles recorded.

Partnership Marketing in a Post-Pandemic Economy

The pandemic has made community and collaboration more important than ever. Marketing partnerships are a vital tool for addressing this new paradigm. Here are some quick tips for how they can most effectively be used.

Risky Business: When To Go All-In With Partnerships

Relationships are hard. That’s not breaking news. And brand relationships are no different. Here are some quick tips to ensure a healthy relationship between you and your brand partners.

How Marketing Partnerships Can Help Legitimize Your Brand’s Message

Fake and inaccurate content proliferates the Internet more than ever before. Strategic partnerships can help you cut through the clutter and get the word out about your brand, while building trust with customers.

What the Political Campaign Trail Can Teach Marketers About How to Reach Customers More Efficiently

Learn how Relational Organizing, a popular political campaign strategy, applies to partnership marketing and how you can use it to boost sales and earn trust within your industry.