Why Choosing the Right Partner Matters

Recent high-profile partnerships have shown that going into a deal without first setting some guidelines can prove to be a recipe for disaster. However, given a proper assessment on both ends of the partnership as well as a healthy line of communication throughout the process, collaboration between brands can blossom into successful, long-lasting business relationships.

How Marketing Partnerships Can Support Crisis Recovery

A recent deal between the city of Los Angeles and Delta Airlines demonstrates the benefits of partnerships for cities experiencing turbulent times.

Trend Alert: Brand Partnerships in the Metaverse

In a world where we have everything at the touch of a button, co-creation online has become an effortless way to connect. Brand partnerships attract businesses whose social media campaigns and marketing efforts range in size. The online gaming platform known as Roblox is taking partnership marketing to a whole new place: the metaverse.

How to Utilize Partnerships as Your “Secret Weapon” During Slow Market Times 

With so many mixed messages it’s hard to know the state of our economy and whether a recession is imminent. In the face of so much ambiguity, we can rely on our capacity to plan for the future. The goal is pretty straightforward: spend less money without compromising the integrity of your brand.

Advantages of Partnerships for New and Emerging Brands

Partnerships are essential to the success of any new venture, whether it be a brand, product, or initiative. Working with a partner as part of your launch strategy can give you access to new customers, financial gain, and brand visibility. As your brand enters the market, consider the multiple advantages of partnerships.

Are Streaming “Partnerships” In Your Brand’s Best Interest?

While emerging streaming platforms have become an alternate way to put your brand in front of television audiences, marketing partnerships remain a way for brands to get in front of the audiences they want to reach without breaking the bank.

Tips For Preparing Your Brand for Partnership

Entering the partnership marketing space can seem overwhelming at first. Regatta has identified 5 key questions to consider internally before beginning your brand partnership journey.

The Importance of Passion Driven Marketing

Building partnerships that hit the right note with the likes of Amazon and Sonos. Finding where two passionate audiences intersect and offering them both something special. This sweet spot is where loyalty lives.