I know it’s hard to buck tradition. Traditionally, you market your brand using a service and expect to pay for it. What we’re here to help unveil is it doesn’t have to be that way. Finding the exposure you need by leveraging the marketing dollars you’re already spending with marketing partners is the smartest business in which you should be engaging.

Consider Bartering Instead of “Bucks”

You’re worth more than your bank account. Tap into your asset pool of subscribers or customers and monetize your marketing. You’re scratching your head and wondering how you’re supposed to initiate this process? Let me help you through it and maybe debunk some of those misconceptions that are holding you back.

1. Any Sized Business Can Barter

You don’t have to be a giant brand to leverage your marketing assets. The key is to look internally and recognize the inherent value of your core services and products. Then look at your current brand and digital marketing platforms.

  • Maybe you’re a fashion boutique with a rack full of the latest trendy, summer tops.
  • Perhaps you have a video channel on YouTube with monthly tutorials about assembling the best outfit or comparing textiles.
  • Can you exchange one of those outfits or feature a “shout out” on your channel in exchange for marketing buys?

Yes! The bottom line is, no matter your size, no matter your industry, you have something valuable to offer in a marketing barter partnership. Don’t be afraid to use it!

2. Existing Partnerships Can Be Revisited

If you’re already engaged in a media buy, and you find it successful, don’t hesitate to reach out for potential renegotiation and restructuring to incorporate bartering or asset monetization. Just because you may have already committed to a campaign, doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked. Reach out to your vendor partners and discuss how your marketing assets or services can best compliment their needs. Or better yet, let us help you with it!

3. Your Audience Is Just As Valuable

Maybe your industry’s deliverables just aren’t suitable for offering in a bartering partnership. Don’t discount your newsletter audience, your social media visibility or your networking strengths. Cross marketing with a strong business partnership can be worth its weight in gold. If you have access to 1,000 people that others don’t, it can be more valuable than writing a check. Build a portfolio of your reach and frequency efforts and use those in your asset bank.

Companies have been engaging in marketing partnerships for years. It’s important to know you too can benefit from such a platform. Save money. Increase marketing ROI. The good news is, you’re not obligated to do it alone. Let us help you start the process and layout a strategy that’s ideal for your business. Contact us, engage one of our BrandAgents today and learn how to take the pain out of marketing partnerships!