Tumultuous Times in California

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has bore witness to a multitude of environmental disasters, both in recent years and throughout its history. Ranging from the perpetual risk of earthquakes to the now annual threat of wildfires and droughts, the city has been left in a near constant state of panic, all the while trying to recover from massive economic losses due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to Visit California, LA’s total visitation numbers dropped nearly 50% from 2019 to 2020, and numbers aren’t expected to rebound entirely until some point in 2023. Furthermore, the damage of wildfires in California across the last decade has amounted to about 60,000 fires annually, impacting about 7.4 million acres per year. For a city with an economy that relies heavily on tourism, these recent setbacks have proven to be a substantial blow, both in terms of budget and public image.

Delta Airlines Provides Support

Of course these issues don’t just affect LA, or even California alone, as each month seems to bring a new unprecedented disaster for various regions of the country. In a time of such uncertainty, many cities have found innovative ways to partner with companies and brands. 

One prime example is Delta Airlines’ partnership with Los Angeles for their 2028 Olympics campaign. The city’s “LA 28” campaign partners with Delta, which recently inked a deal to become the official airline of Team USA. The partnership has mutual benefits for Delta and the city of Los Angeles that go far beyond a typical sponsorship. While Delta will be the main sponsor of the 2028 Olympic Games, they will also be building out the Delta Sky Way at LAX International Airport. LA is able to solidify its relationship with a trusted air travel brand while bolstering its main travel hub.

How Partnerships Work to Benefit Both Sides

Los Angeles, in partnering with Delta, stands to gain a massive uptick in visitors to the state. In working with LAX Airport, Delta offers a major upgrade in infrastructure without the city having to dedicate its own money from an already strained budget. This in turn allows Delta to create a better travel experience for tourists, making LA that much more of a desirable destination. Additionally, the airport is accessing Delta’s customer base and showing that, by working in tandem with the company, they can engender the same kind of trust that Delta does.

Delta also stands to benefit greatly from partnering with Los Angeles and LAX, as coming to the city in a time of need generates a strong trust with the city administration and the city’s residents. Adding an expansion to the airport cements the airline as a key partner to Los Angeles’s travel infrastructure, as well as increasing their visibility to the many millions of people traveling through the airport each year.

The Blueprint for City-Company Partnerships

The relationship formed by Los Angeles and Delta can work as a basic partnership model for cities experiencing economic troubles and companies looking to bolster their CSR bonafides while also growing their customer base. The deal works out to be long-term, secure, and profitable for both sides. By pointing towards a brighter future for the city, these kinds of partnerships also allow for a brand to leave a lasting impact on the people of a given area.

The impact of partnerships cannot be understated in its ability to provide pathways for businesses and cities to experience rebirth, growth, and stability. If your company is looking to get into the market of partnerships, Regatta can offer a hand in getting started. Contact us here to learn more about partnership marketing opportunities.