3 Ways Marketing Partnerships Can Help Your Employee Wellness

How you can use marketing partnerships to underwrite the cost of employee wellness programs and provide unique health-oriented employee benefits that support your total rewards strategy.

Fine Dining With a New-Car Smell: Is It A Marketing Partnership Win or Fail?

The idea of a destination brand store is nothing we haven’t seen before, especially in New York City. The question is: is this concept worth the time and money? Through Lexus’s development of their restaurant-bar-space, I explore the advantages and disadvantages of destination brand activation.

Swipe Left: It’s Not You. It’s Me.

Relationships are hard. That’s not breaking news. And brand relationships are no different. Here’s how a guide to help ensure a healthy relationship between you and your brand partners.

Be Bold Like The King

It is about time brands begin embracing unexpected marketing partnerships. That means reaching out to brands that may not represent your typical demographic and finding things they have that you may lack. To effectively do so, there are 5 questions to ask.

Marketing Partnerships: 3 Myths Debunked

Finding the exposure you need by leveraging the marketing dollars you're already spending with marketing partners is the smartest business in which you should be engaging.

How Marketing Partnerships Are Enabling URLs to be IRL

AdWeek recently published an article about several e-tailers that created pop up stores to extend their brand to beyond just online. Everyone, even exclusively digital properties, can benefit from venturing out into the real world so that consumers can create a deeper brand emotional connection.

3 Ways Marketing Partnerships Can Enhance Your Narrative Content

The days of fast talking, quick hustling and high-pressure marketing tactics are long gone. Today's consumers are savvy, more informed and digitally connected. As a brand, you're not just selling a product or service anymore. What you're offering is an experience.

How to Reach Millennials & Younger Gens… With Or Without Tide-Sized Ad Budgets

Last month was the notoriously flashy marketing industry event, Cannes Lions. Brands and agencies from around the world convened on the coastline of France to sip Rosé, entertain on yachts (or private beaches) and listen to musings from Facebook, Apple, American Express, Diesel and creatives such as Queen Latifah, Thandie Newton and Conan O’Brien.